Who is William Branham?

Who is William Branham? Some say he is a devil, some say he is God, some say he is a prophet, others a messenger. But what is the truth?

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What is The Message?

What is the message of the hour? Is it  recordings on magnetic tape? Is it the spoken word? Does the bible have the answer?

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Defending Truth

Access our library of content defending bible truth.

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Our Mission

We have not found any online resource to refute some of the attacks that have made against the Christians who believe the gospel shared with us by Jesus Christ through the ministry and message of Bro. William Branham. It is our desire to share with you the truth and equip you with some basic facts to defend the truth of the gospel. There are many websites where you can find evangelistic outreach of the message, but this site is aimed primarily at apologetics.

We wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities and the darkness of this world. Many who claim to believe this message of truth seem to be completely unable to defend it, and we hope to give them a means to do so.  But we know what we have received, and we know from whom we have received it. We will shine our light.

We are gradually working to adapt out content and issue rebuttals. Please be patient with us. If there is a topic you would like to see covered, please contact us to let us know.

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Do you want to help us?

If you like what you see on this website and want to help us reach more people, there is only one small thing you need to do. Simply link to a page on our website from your own blog or webpage. Did you find something wrong, or is something missing? You can use the comment form on any page to let us know.