1948 Doomsday Prediction

Critic John Collins alleges that Bro. William Branham made a failed doomsday prediction in 1948 that was published in the Voice of Healing magazine. In this article we will examine this claim.

Voice of Healing magazine

Voice of Healing Magazine was originally started by Bro. Branham and Gordon Lindsay jointly in 1947. However, in May 1948 Bro. Branham suffered an illness that caused him to stop campaigning and turn over complete management of the magazine to Gordon Lindsay.

Branham spent many hours ministering and praying for the sick during his campaigns, and like many other leading evangelists of the time he suffered exhaustion.[55] After one year of campaigning, his exhaustion began leading to health issues.[56] Attendees reported seeing him “staggering from intense fatigue” during his last meetings.[46] Just as Branham began to attract international attention in May 1948, he announced that due to illness he would have to halt his campaign.[46][57] His illness shocked the growing movement,[58] and his abrupt departure from the field caused a rift between him and Lindsay over the Voice of Healing magazine.[46] Branham insisted that Lindsay take over complete management of the publication.[46] With the main subject of the magazine no longer actively campaigning, Lindsay was forced to seek other ministers to promote.[46] He decided to publicize Oral Roberts during Branham’s absence, and Roberts quickly rose to prominence, in large part due to Lindsay’s coverage.[51]


The Doomsday Prediction

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The doomsday prophecy in the September 1948 edition of Voice of Healing magazine was printed when Bro. Branham was no longer in a management capacity for the publication. The article itself noting the predictions is signed by and attributed to Gordon Lindsay, not Bro. Branham.

Bro. Branham did not recover from his illness and return to campaigning until October 1948. The only reference to Bro. Branham in the paper’s transitional period was a request for the readers to pray for his recovery.

Dishonest Critics

The critics once again openly expose themselves as dishonest. They know plainly Bro. Branham had taken ill and had to leave campaigning and the magazine before this article was ever published. They know Bro. Branham never openly endorsed this prediction in any way. They also know Gordon Lindsay claimed it as his own. Yet they present misleading facts to try and convince their readers that Bro. Branham was behind this prediction.

When it is apparent the critics are being deceptive, how can we reliably trust any of their so-called research?

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