1977 – The Year Without A Rapture

For many years critics have used the fact that rapture did not happen in 1977 as a basis to attack message believers. In case you did not know, Bro. William Branham was of the opinion that the rapture would occur in 1977. He stated that opinion on two different occasions in his sermons. He made sure to clarify both times to his followers that his prediction was not a prophecy from God, but his personal opinion.

Some critics allege that everyone in the Branham movement waited breathlessly for 1977 and that huge depression set it when it passed without a rapture. Some critics even make the sick accusation that hundred of people committed suicide as a result, which is an accusation we debunk on another article. There were alot of disappointed people in those years, primarily people who never understood the message and had idolized Bro. Branham by placing his person and his word above the bible. Bro. Branham died in 1965, so we never got to hear what he would say about this.

Contrary to what the critics say, there was a large segment of Bro. Branham’s followers who never expected a 1977 rapture. The sects which accepted and promoted a 1977 rapture suffered a major loss of congregants during the following years, and rightly so. Some sects went even farther off the cliff as a result and began teaching a false doctrine claiming rapture did occur in 1977, and 1978 was the start of the millennium.

Why did Bro. Branham make the prediction?

Why did Bro. Branham predict a 1977 rapture? He did so because, based on his understanding of the events that had to transpire before the second coming, he felt 1977 allowed enough time for those events to transpire. Date setting is a dangerous thing and never a good idea. Many great religious leaders have fell into this trap over the years. Bro. Branham was very careful though to let us know that his 1977 prediction was just his own idea, and not based on anything concrete in the scripture or the spirit.

What is the lesson we can learn from Bro. Branham in this? It is important that what we believe be based on the Word of God and not just the words of a man. Above all else, this is what Bro. Branham taught us. What did he say? 

There is only one hope! Get back to the Word and stay with it!


How could so many people miss the message and do the very thing Bro. Branham hated? They took the words of a man and lifted them above the bible. What a shame.

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