The Editors

This website is maintained in collaboration with ministers and saints from multiple countries and churches who been in the message for many years. Multiple ministers personally knew Bro. Branham, preached at the tabernacle while he was living, and were among his hunting buddies. We have been well acquainted with the message, the truth, the history, and the people of the message. These things are not a secret, and the events surrounding Bro. Branham are well known to those of us who were there in those days. The newspapers covered the revivals. Multiple academic books have been published on them and the life of William Branham.

None of these things happened off in a corner somewhere. I am sure that [many] know what I am talking about. That’s why I can speak so plainly to you.” – Acts 26:26 CEV

Some have seemed afraid to confront or deal openly with the criticisms against the message and Bro. Branham. But we say, if what we know and believe is the truth, what have we to be afraid of? It is not our aim to please everyone in the message with this website, but to provide frank and truthful answers to the concerns being voiced.