Cause of Death of William Branham

Bro. William Branham died as the result of a fatal car accident on December 24, 1965. Police, witnesses, and historians all reported the accident was the result of Jimmie Ramos crossing over into the oncoming lane of traffic and striking Bro. Branham’s car head on. It was widely believed that Ramos was under the influence of alcohol. He died on the scene, however, and testing was not conducted to confirm that he was intoxicated.

John Collins, in an effort to convince his readers that conspiracies abound in the Branham Movement, claims there is no evidence whatsoever to support the drunk driving allegation, and that it is an invention of his followers.

What do the academic sources say?

About three miles (4.8 km) east of Friona, Texas, and about seventy miles (110 km) southwest of Amarillo on US Highway 60, just after dark, a car driven by a drunken driver traveling westward in the eastbound lane collided head-on with Branham’s car.

On December 18, 1964, Branham was critically injured in an automobile accident caused by a drunken driver.

Weaver, C. Douglas (2000). The Healer-Prophet: William Marrion Branham (A study of the Prophetic in American Pentecostalism). Mercer University Press. ISBN 978-0-865-54710-0. (page 104)

As he was driving, his car was hit head on by a drunken driver.

Harrell, David (1978). All Things Are Possible: The Healing and Charismatic Revivals in Modern America. Indiana University Press. ISBN 0-525-24136-1.

Dishonest critics

When we can so plainly see the dishonesty of the critics and their manipulation of facts, and their failure to show their readers that their claims are completely contradicted by actual academic researchers, how are we supposed to trust anything they tell us? It is plain to us they are not trying to spread the truth. Their agenda is a smear campaign.

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