Did Bro. Branham care for his brothers and sisters after his father died?

Obituary of Charles Branham. Click to enlarge.

William Branham‘s father, Charles Branham, passed away on November 30, 1936, when Bro. Branham was 26 years old. A few months later, in July 1937, Bro. Branham’s wife and daughter also passed away. Two of Bro. Branham’s brothers had already passed away previously. His brother Charles died in 1935, and his brother Edward died in 1929. Bro. Branham was the oldest of ten children.

Critics allege that Bro. Branham lied to his audiences about the condition of his early life. Several times, Bro. Branham told audiences that after his father died, he had to help his mother take care of his brothers and sisters. Bro. Branham referred to himself as a “boy” when his father died, but also noted that he was already preaching and that his father died in his arms. Critics focus on his claim to be a “boy” when his father died, and say he fabricated a story about his childhood. They are twisting the story, because Bro. Branham repeatedly was clear that he was not a child when his father died.

After Charles Branham died, Bro Branham did indeed begin supporting his mother and his siblings that were still living at home. After Bro. Branham’s wife and baby daughter died in 1937, Bro. Branham moved into his mother’s home and supported the entire family financially. Multiple critics have confirmed these facts by showing that in the 1940 United States Census, Bro. Branham was was still living with his mother and siblings. The census also records that six of his brothers and sisters were still living at home in the time that he was providing for the family. His siblings were between ages 10 and 26 in 1940.

1940 Census – William Branham’s family listed middle left. Click to enlarge.

Bro. Branham continued to live with and provide for his mother and siblings until he remarried in October 1941. That means for five years he lived with and supported his mother and siblings. Though we have no documented proof, Doc Branham (Bro. Branham’s younger brother) related to us that Bro. Branham continued to support his younger siblings financially even after he remarried, and continued to provide support to his mother until her death.

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