Is the Branham movement a mind control cult?

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John Collins alleges that the Bro. Branham deployed mind control to brainwash his followers.

We must state that we personally do not believe mind control is possible. This is a non-Christian concept. God gives to people free will and a choice. So as an article of faith, we reject brainwashing as being possible. Someone can chose to believe something, or not. Certainly people can be tricked. Certainly people can be misled. Certainly people can refuse to consider alternative points of view. People can even secretly believe something, while openly espousing a contrary view. But the choice to believe or not to believe is freewill.

Based on the experience of this website’s editors, the majority of people who grow up as children within the Branham movement ultimately leave it. Critics like Collins, Duyzer, and the Bergens and countless others have left freely. Except for perhaps of the most fanatical fringe, no one is forced to be a part of the Branham movement. People are free to leave.

If mind control is possible, then perhaps John Collins, who makes this crazy allegation, can use his expertise in the workings of mind control to re-brainwash people to see things his way. Perhaps though, his ideas are not having much effect because people already do know the truth…

What do the experts say?

Not surprisingly, governmental authorities and researchers and been trying to discover the secret to mind control and hypnosis for generations. They have not had much success yet. On this topic, medical sciences says the following:

If you are a normal person, you cannot be programmed…

Hypnosis can be persuasive, but does not give the hypnotist control over your mind, morality, or judgment.

John Ryder Ph.D.

There is no scientific proof that brainwashing (a theoretical form of mind control) exists or is even possible. The term itself is no longer used by mental health professionals (well, reputable professionals, that is), and no peer-reviewed experiments or studies have been done that demonstrate that it is even possible.

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Salome Solomon
Salome Solomon

Hello! I’d like to do you a very quick favor and offer some perspective on this article if you are open to it. First, I need you to know that I am someone who very much enjoys challenging my existing perspectives by objectively considering opposing views. That being said I believe this article should be taken down or restructured. It does not serve your agenda in a substantial manner. From what I’ve read, the accusation I believe you are attempting to address is that message believers are often perceived a victims of psychological manipulation. This term actually describes a broad… Read more »