Jeremy Bergen

Jeremy Bergen

Jeremy Bergen is the founder of the website BelieveTheSign, a website originally created to promote Bro. Branham’s teachings in 2008. The editors of this website are part of churches who at one time linked to BelieveTheSign and promoted it. Jeremy’s father Rod Bergen appears to be a second editor on the website. Over the course of several years Bergen began to discover what he believed were fatal issues with the teachings of Bro. Branham and various prophecies of Bro. Branham. This led him to begin to transition the website  into what is now the main center of criticism of Bro. Branham on the internet. The website is now maintained by multiple editors.


Bergen makes generally well reasoned and thoughtful criticism of Bro. Branham and his message. His methodology relies on trying to prove that Bro. Branham was a false prophet and to thereby discredit his ministry. He advances this through two main means. First, by trying to prove that Bro. Branham never actually issued a true prophecy that came to pass. Secondly, by trying to prove that Bro. Branham employed deception and dishonesty in his ministry.

One of the editors of this website has taken a lead in engaging in thoughtful and reasoned dialogue with the editors of BeleiveTheSign. It is our belief that the Bergens are kind people who are simply following what they feel to be right. We do not have any reason to believe their motives are impure and we withhold any judgement in that regards. We however believe they are misreading the evidence of the past and overlooking things of key importance.

We have scriptural solutions and factual answers to the majority of issues raised by Bergen on his website and will endeavor to publish rebuttals and explanations.

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