John Collins

john collins
John Collins

The grandson of Willard Collins, John Collins attended the Branham Tabernacle growing up. He left in about 2010. He has since become one of the foremost critics of the Branham movement. He has authored a number of self published books, appeared in the news in multiple countries to speak against the Branham movement, and has attempted to legitimize multiple wild conspiratorial ideas concerning Bro. Branham. He is behind a long series of online videos attacking the Branham movement. A list of his wild ideas follows.

Wild Assertions

This is by no means a comprehensive list of his allegations, just the most wild. In the past year, Collins has substantially modified his attack website and to hide his track record of disproven allegations.

Attempts to legitimize his views

Collins has appeared on the news multiple times attacking Bro. Branham, including the CBC in Canada1 , ABC in the United States,
2 and NRK in Norway.3 Collins is attempting to legitimize himself as an authority in hope that his theories will be picked up by more mainstream sources. He is also hoping his success in becoming among the top search result for most online searches for Bro. Branham will be the first thing people see and accept. He has authored multiple articles along with fellow Branham critic Peter Duyzer. They have also been able to have some material published in academic periodicals. The periodicals he has chosen to publish in do not peer review their content, and allow any opinion to be published. Ultimately Collins is trying to create a large volume of source material in an attempt to establish as fact the veracity of his wild ideas. As of the last update of this article, no reputable third party has researched Collin’s claims, republished them, or endorsed them. Additionally, none of his wild ideas have been picked up or added to the websites of the other prominent Branham critics, and in fact he has been rebuked for his wild ideas by other leading Branham critics. His most wild ideas have been researched and rejected by some editors at Wikipedia.4 In fact, ABC news retracted the news story they published using him as a source after discovering he had miseld them.

You can find detailed rebuttals to his wild theories and assertions by following the links in this article.

Not all of Collins findings are invalid or incorrect. He has in fact unearthed significant evidence which is damaging to certain elements of the Branham Movement and their activities following Bro. Branham’s death. Concerning Bro. Branham himself though, he is sadly misguided.


John Collins attacks have really reached the point of what could fairly be called harassment. There are plenty areas of legitimate criticism of the Branham movement, and there are sects that are truly worthy of the title cult, but Collins seems to have lumped the entire Branham movement into one bucket and is attacking everyone. He has in fact accused multiple ministers associated with this website as being “cult leaders”. We know for a fact he has never even met any us. He is making baseless accusation. As we discuss in another article, the Branham Movement is incredibly diverse. Most message believers just want to be left alone to live in peace, and to outsiders most message believers are not discernibly different from your average Charismatic Christian. But Collins taking stories to the news and making up outrageous allegations is just over the top.

His true motivation?

Collins has been accused of and admitted to immorality in his personal life. His admissions were open and public. Members of the Branham Tabernacle and other elements of the Branham movement have attributed his reaction to their condemnation of his immorality. It is commonly believed that is the reason he turned against the truth and now attacks it.  They allege that his attacks are just a form of revenge against them for refusing to accept his immorality. 5
The immorality Collins practiced would be deemed unacceptable by all streams of Christianity. Unlike many of Bro. Branham’s critics, Collins most wild assertions are completely unreasonable and unprincipled. Because of his flagrant dishonesty, he is the most appalling of the prominent critics.

The editors of this website believe that Collins may truly have experienced hurt in the sect of the Branham movement he grew up in. But that does not make the entire Branham movement a cult. If Collins truly believes Bro. Branham was a false prophet, he should forgive him and move on. Holding onto his hate for Bro. Branham and the Branham movement is just a cancer that will keep eating him until he lets it go.

For if ye forgive men their trespasses, your heavenly Father will also forgive you: But if ye forgive not men their trespasses, neither will your Father forgive your trespasses.

Matthew 6:14-15 

To those who may give an ear to what he says: Beware, his motives are not pure.

  3. – WHAS removed their story after realizing they had been misled by Collins