Joseph Coleman

Joseph Coleman

Joseph Coleman was pastor of Local Christian Assembly Church in  New York until he passed away in 2012. Coleman was the leader and founder of a large sect of the Branham movement. Coleman falsely believed he had discovered the secret revelation of the seven thunders (Revelation 10:4), which he claimed was the “stature of the perfect man”, a sermon Bro. Branham preached based on 2nd Peter chapter 1. 

Coleman’s son ran the family’s multi-million dollar Ponzi scheme in which he cheated many people out of their money. After an FBI investigation, he was indited in 2010 where he plead guilty.

Coleman and his followers were heavily vested in their belief that the rapture would occur in 1977. Many people ruined their lives as a result, making foolish financial and other important life decisions in what they thought were the last days of their life on earth.

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