Lee Vayle

Lee Vayle

Lee Vayle was the pastor of a church in Tennessee until his death in 2012, and was the editor (and mutilator) of the Church Ages book. He is the originator of the idea that Bro. Branham would raise from the dead and return to fulfill a further ministry, a belief he began advocating immediately after the death of Bro. Branham and was proselytizing people to believe it on the sidelines of Bro. Branham’s funeral. It is a belief many people accepted at the time.

Vayle developed the false doctrine of “Parousia” which is accepted by a segment of the Branham movement. This doctrine teaches that Christ returned in 1963 and his presence has been lingering on earth since that time. His following has diminished in recent years, especially after his death.

Vayle preached in 1966 that grace had ended and no more souls could be saved. This caused one of the major early divisions in the Branham movement following Bro. Branham’s death.

Bro. Branham noted to multiple people, including Banks Woods and the Wright family, that he was displeased with how Vayle had edited the Exposition of the Seven Church Ages book. In the book, Vayle borrowed from multiple sermons preached by Bro. Branham and introduced concepts and ideas which Bro. Branham never taught nor believed.

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J Chase

Hello. Could you please identify some of the things Bro Vayle introduced. Im aware that thrre things that are claimed are:
1. Adam sinned by taking Eve.
2. The new birth is the baptism of the Holy Ghost
3. Malachi 4:5 revealed the seven thunders.

Ive searched the messages and found that Bro Branhsm did teach each of these things, so they are not introductions.