Leo Mercer

Leo Mercer with William Branham

Leo Mercer was an assistant in many of Bro. Branham’s campaign meetings. His primary job was to run tape recording equipment and then to duplicate those tapes for publication. 

Mercer was the leader of a group of the most fanatical idolaters who, against Bro. Branham’s wishes, followed him to Arizona in the 1960s where they setup a trailer park compound. Mercer both originated and believed the false idea that it would be necessary to be in Arizona to go in the rapture.

Mercer was a closeted homosexual. Bro. Branham became aware of his sin and counseled him. He seemed to repent and clean up his life and married. However, after the death of Bro. Branham he returned to his old sin. He committed acts of abuse in the Arizona compound and became addicted to drugs.

Mercer controlled a large library of master tapes of Bro. Branham’s sermons and is known to have spliced and altered multiple tapes before releasing them to the public. There are tapes he withheld and never published until after the death of Bro. Branham, and these are the most suspect to this treatment. For this reason, many tapes and spoken word books should be treated with caution.

Why didn’t William Branham do something about him?

Jeremy Bergen on his website asks the following question: “If William Branham saw a vision of what would happen to Leo Mercer, why did he not protect the men, women and children?” 

The answer is quite simple: Bro. Branham did try to warn people. He told people repeatedly and emphatically, from the platform and in private to not go to Arizona! (64-0823M)

Why didn’t he turn Mercer into the police? Mercer’s abuses only began to occur after Bro. Branham died. He appeared to have reformed during at the time Bro. Branham was living. How could Bro. Branham go to the police? What would he say to the police? “I had a vision that Leo Mercer will commit a crime in the future. Will you please arrest him?” That is laughable.

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