Trademark Controversy

The letter which began the trademark controversy
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In 2001, Joseph Branham led Voice of God Recordings to attempt to enforce legal action action opposing sects of the Branham movement, primarily to try and curtail their missionary activities. Other sects were translating and duplicating copies of Bro. Branham’s sermons, and worse for Voice of God Recordings, cutting into the bottom line: the revenue they collected by selling Bro. Branham’s materials.

By 2003 multiple other churches and sects banded together to take legal action against Voice of God recordings in both United States and Canadian legal systems. Pearry Green, Donny Reagan, Eddie Byskal, Paul LaFontaine and others took a leading role in the action. In 2004 Joseph Branham issued a second scathing letter attacking the minister resisting his attempt to register “The Message” and “William Branham” as trademarks of Voice of God Recording.

In 2005, after years of legal maneuvering. Voice of God Recording dropped its effort to copyright and control Bro. Branham’s materials, his name, and “The Message”. The churches suing Voice of God Recording dropped their suit as part of the settlement.

The actions were a low point for Message Churches in the United States and fractured many bonds of fellowship.

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