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Voice of Healing was a publication started by Bro. William Branham and Gordon Lindsay in 1947. The organization still exists (as of 2019). In 1971, Voice of Healing was renamed Christ For The Nations.

Bro. Branham’s role and connection with the organization and it’s publication changed over time. Critics misrepresent Bro. Branham’s connection to the publication as part of their efforts to attack his ministry. In this article we will review Bro. Branham’s role in the publication, and how and when the role changed.

Origins of Voice of Healing

The Voice of Healing publication was originally started to publicize Bro. Branham’s healing campaigns after Gordon Lindsay joined Branham’s campaigning team in 1947. The magazine reported on the campaign meetings and featured testimonies of attendees and the teachings of Bro. Branham and his campaign team. The magazine came to be a key tool in spreading the news of the revival and grew to enjoy widespread readership in the Pentecostal world.

After only two years campaigning, in the summer of 1948 Bro. Branham fell ill and had to stop campaigning for several months. During that period, Bro. Branham gave up participation in managing the magazine. His refusal to help with it caused a rift between him and Gordon Lindsay. From that point forward, Lindsay was the manager of the magazine.

With Bro. Branham no longer campaigning, Lindsay had to look to other men to fill the pages of the periodical, and began to collaborate with Oral Roberts. Critics are aware of these facts, but never mention this in any of their attack articles.

Voice of Healing – Post Branham

After leaving his role managing Voice of Healing, Bro. Branham still cooperated regularly in the paper, but other healing evangelists also received very significant coverage. Many of the testimonies, reports, and teaching articles came from people not directly associated with Bro. Branham or his campaigns.

In 1956, Bro. Branham and Gordon Lindsay stopped cooperating completely. Bro. Branham ultimately ended up criticized the periodical as “massive financial organization”, and rejected the direction Lindsay was taking the paper and its associated organization.

What happened to Voice of Healing?

The Voice of Healing actually still exists today (2019). In 1971 Gordon Lindsay renamed the organization Christ For The Nations. The institute carries out mission work and provide Christian literature and ministry support world wide, and offers Christian college study. It is in no way affiliated with Bro. Branham or the Branham movement.

Christ for the Nations Institute can be found online at https://cfni.org/

What do the academics say?

You can review these books for confirmation of the facts related in this article.

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