Why isn’t anyone defending Bro. Branham?

I have watched over the past few years as a growing number of high profile critics have launched a campaign on the internet, the news, and even now in academia to try to and tarnish and smear the reputation of Bro. Branham and the gospel of truth, which some people call The Message of the Hour. I have been growing increasingly disturbed as no one has tried to take any real stand to defend the past or the message. Meanwhile, I have seen people who were never that close to Bro. Branham get confused and drawn away by these attacks. Those who have sought understanding often get pat answers from their leaders which never really address the issue.

In watching this go on in the other streams of the Branham movement, I decided to begin an effort to put together some material to help defend against these attacks. Having spent decades in The Message and knowing personally many of its key figures and the teachings of the gospel most intimately, and most importantly being well acquainted with our Lord, I feel quite capable for the task at hand. I have reached out to different ministers in the message to get their blessing and assistance in various topics, I feel this website is going to be an excellent collaborative effort.

I do not really expect to change the minds of the critics, but I hope that the answers here will at least make them think. While they may think their attacks cause us to lose faith, they in fact cause us to dig deeper into the Word of God, helping make even more sure we are built on the foundation of His truth. These attacks are not new things, and much of what is being alleged is just old attacks from years ago being recycled. Answers already exist and merely need to be adapted for use on the web. What is new is their use of media to blare their misleading allegations so loudly.

I am sorry that the Bergens were part of a church who’s leaders turned out to be covering up sex abuse. I am sorry the same church leaders could not answer Peter Duyzer’s questions in the 1970s. I am sorry that John Collins had to grow up surrounded by the the greatest idolaters in the Branham movement. These men never heard the truth, they only heard slanted versions of it. I can understand why they are so confused. I hold no personal animus against them. Streams of the Branham movement are indeed cults and are beds of sin. These chief critics seem to fail to realize they are from the main centers where the birth of the idolization of Bro. Branham occurred and just how different they are from the main stream of the Branham movement. The majority of the Branham movement however, is not that much different from the broader Charismatic movement. With God’s help, I and my fellow editors will refute their assertions.

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Lugovi Samuel

Great, i became concerned about what the critics,especially on the website of believe the sign are saying regarding the message of the hour, that has affected some youths at our local assembly. As an associate minister, i took the concern by digging deeper.
I totally agree with all that is said on this website. God bless you