Brown Bear Vision

In April 1962, Bro. Branham reported the following vision:

Coming home the other night, or the other day, or just ‘fore I come home, I was–fell into a vision; and I seen some little fellows, thin, looked like young boys or something, had on caps. And we were standing hunting. And I’d shot a mammoth, big, brown-looking bear. And then, they turned around and said to me, said, “But there’s some confusion about the meeting.” And I said, “No matter what the confusion is, if I was supposed to go, wherever it was, I’ll go anyhow. (See?) It doesn’t matter.” And the vision stopped. I don’t know where that’s at, but this is on tape. It’s going to happen. See? Just remember; it’s going to happen; it’s a vision.

April 1, 1962, “Wisdom versus Faith”

Jeremy Bergen on his website claims that this vision failed to come to pass, and therefore it is proof that Bro. Branham was a false prophet. The editors of this website beleive this is among the silliest issues raised against Bro. Branham, but we will examine it.

This is one of the oldest “controversies” surrounding Bro. Branham’s prophecies. This issue was first pointed out in the mid 1970s. There is no definitive proof that vision was not fulfilled. It is entirely possible that Bro. Branham did indeed get his bear, and just never told anyone about it. On the other hand, based on the accounts of Bro. Branham’s friends and fellow hunters, there is likewise no evidence to confirm that the vision was fulfilled. Critics base their claim that the vision failed to come to pass based on this uncertainty.

To the editors of this website, the fact that neither position can be proven is enough for us avoid using this issue as a tool to condemn or vindicate anything. It cannot be clearly proven one way or the other, in our opinion.

Is it possible that it could be fulfilled in the future?

Some people in the Branham movement have a false belief that Bro. Branham will be resurrected from the dead at some point in the future and will resume his ministry. They use this vision, among others, as proof that he will have to return again. This is wrong. Bro Branham will most certainly not return to fulfill a further ministry. This is a teaching Lee Vayle first began to develop immediately following Bro. Branham’s death. It quickly gained acceptance among some groups. Bro. Neville rebuked it multiple times and was eventually forced into silence by the deacons of the Tabernacle because of his refusal to go along with the teaching. This was the first great division to occur in the Branham movement.

However, Bro. Branham will of course return to earth one day. He will return to earth with Christ at his coming, along with all the other saints of all ages. (Rev 19:11-14, Matt 24:29-31) Then he will rule and reign on earth with Christ for a thousand years, along with the other saints. So could the vision be fulfilled then, during the millennium?

In John 21:1-14 the glorified Jesus participated in fishing with the Apostles. He instructed them where to throw their nets that they may catch fish, and after being caught he asked them to bring the fish ashow. He also cooked and prepared fish, which he had caught or produced himself before the apostles arrived on short. Our Lord Jesus was raised from the dead and went fishing. (Among many other things of course!) According to 1 John 3:2, when we are glorified “We shall be like him.” So, could we go fishing too?

Ezekiel 47 gives a view of the millennium. In Ezekiel 47:8-10 we see that there will be fishing in the millennium. Is it not reasonable to assume that if there is fishing in the millennium, there could also be hunting? There is ample evidence in the scripture that men will continue to eat meat in the millennium. We see the glorified Jesus eat multiple times after his resurrection, including meat. We see no scriptural reason to say this vision could not be fulfilled after Bro. Branham’s resurrection. The editors of this website however tend to believe it was already fulfilled.

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Jesus didn’t go fishing ,the apostles went fishing. It never illustrates the lord with a reel and a bucket. Jesus appears to the apostles there and more specificity to Peter. Not to fish but to rebuke him (them) for his (their) unbelief and lack of commitment. (It was the third time he had appeared to them after his resurrection ) I feel like this article was twisting these words to fit a narrative that WMB can fore-fill the brown bear prophecy.